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Flying is always fun. What if you get it recorded as well?

This is an ideal activity for beginners who want to fly in a safe environment and to get their first airborne experience. We will capture this memorable moment of yours and will provide you as and when ready after editing.

Flatland Flight

Enjoy the most enjoyable tandem flat land winching parachuting activity on the golden sands of Emirates. watch stunning sunsets and get the bird-eye view with adventure all around. make a memory and enjoy the fullest.We are here to fill your heart and mind with memories unforgettable


We can add more spice by adding training courses for those who want to have adrenaline constantly rushing in blood. Starting with ground trainings while handling glider on the ground and then phasing out in steps eventually airborne as birds on their own, phenomenal experience and a skill learned which can never be forgotten. We can tailormade the courses according to the client depending on the enthusiasm of learning. Flexibility and availability make us stand out in our expertise.


We are also the distributors of branded equipment and branded gliders.
Ozone Gliders
Gin Gliders
Sol Gliders
We can provide all these three brands equipment anytime with the best possible rates.

Additional Experience

Clients can get their video takeoffs and landing along with great photoshoot experience from air and ground and get instant printing at field office there and then and make lifetime album and memory.
Souveniers and Tshirts.

Ongoing support

People who are getting training in Bird Eye Parachuting Club can explore skies by flying experience on the land of opportunities for learners and believers.



Passenger transport dune buggies.

Passenger transport dune buggies will take the passengers to the area where flight is ready.

Ranked paragliding equipment.

Paragliding equipment will be provided to the passengers before the flight take off. This will include a helmet, waist bag etc

Radio equipment for communication

Radio equipment for communication will be provided to the passenger which passenger can use in case of emergency.

Licensed Tandem Pilots

Licensed Tandem Pilots will guide the flight ensuring safe and secure flight.

Winch operator

Winch operator will be available on the flight area with all equipment to operate winch machine.

Pilot assistants & Passenger assistants

Pilot assistants & Passenger assistants will be available for coordinating and ensuring a safe flight.

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