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Flatland parachuting looks like an adventure sport however it is safer and equally enjoyable as Skydiving. Customers can have a serene view of the sand dunes of Dubai from 500 feet above land.

Static winch machine at one end and at 700-meter distance tandem pilot and canopy parachute attached with a pulling cord. Winch machine pulls it to gain the max height of 500 feet. On this height pulling cord is disconnected and allows the pilot to soar in the air allowing a phenomenal flying experience for the passenger.

The added benefit will be that the people who are experiencing this activity for the first time will get trained for other airborne activities for the next time. They will also become more careful considering it as the first level of airborne experience.

Safety First - Preflight Checklist


  1. Spread out the glider and gently pull to form the glider into a horseshoe shape
  2. Find the straps that connect the lines and extend them completely. Check each glider line is attached to a carabiner which is securely attached to the harness. Inspect each line for defects.
  3. Check the entire glider while it is laid out on the ground and look for tears, snags or other imperfections that could put your life in danger.
  4. Harness should be free from defects and the harness lines should be secured to the harness with individual carabiners for each line. The helmet should fit snugly and not be cracked.
  5. Use radio equipment, make sure that it works with clear communication.
  6. Check your reserve parachute to ensure it is without flaws.